Principal Investigator  

Brad Pinno

I received my BSc and MSc in Forestry from the University of Alberta and my PhD in Soil Science from the University of Saskatchewan. I have also held post-doctoral positions at the University of Regina and University of Alberta, worked as a forester with the provincial governments in Alberta and Saskatchewan, taught in the Forestry Technician Program at Northern Lakes College, and was a Research Scientist with the Canadian Forest Service, Northern Forestry Centre. My research interest is in understanding the links between site, silvics and operational treatments to refine silvicultural practices to meet the growing demands on our forests.

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Current Graduate students and Post-docs

Surabhi Lukose

Surabhi is an International student from India. She earned her undergraduate degree in Forestry from Kerala Agricultural University and is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Forestry. Her research emphasizes on studying the potential for density management to moderate drought effects in coastal plantation forests of British Columbia. Moreover, she has professional working experience in the field of Forest Certification and Environment Education from India. She has also shown her interest towards forestry by working in diverse fields like Silviculture, Agroforestry, Forest Management, Urban invasive alien species and Soil Science. Apart from academics she loves travelling, listening to music, photography and meeting new people. 




Apsana Kafle

Apsana is an International student from Nepal with an undergraduate forestry degree from Tribhuvan University. She is pursuing her Masters degree in Forestry. Her research focuses on density management and commercial thinning in Lodgepole pines of Alberta. Additionally, she has professional working experiences in community forestry management, gender and youth integration in forestry, bamboo management and silviculture in Nepal, South East Asia and Ethiopia. Apart from work and school she is passionate about adventure travelling, learning new skills and doing social work. 




Francis Scaria

Francis is an International student from India. He graduated from Kerala Agricultural University with a BSc Honors in Forestry. He is currently pursuing his MSc in Forestry. His research focuses on density control and pre-commercial thinning in Lodgepole pines in West central Alberta. He has also specialized in Silviculture, Agroforestry, Forest Nursery Management, Forest and Urban Invasive Plant Species and other fields. Outside of school, he enjoys soccer, travel, and photography.





Keana Trudel

Keana is studying the effects of compaction on reclamation sites, comparing various operational practices. Her research will focus on topsoil stockpiling vs. direct haul placement soil physical characteristics and plant community composition. Keana has a BSc in Resource Science with a major in Renewable Resource Management from the University of Saskatchewan and has previous experience with reclamation in northern settings. Outside of her research she enjoys baking cookies and exploring northern Canada.




Laura Manchola Rojas

Laura is an international student from Colombia. She has a BSc in Biology from the University of Valle (COL) and now she is studying for her MSc on land reclamation. Her research is about woody debris and its impact on soil nutrients and plant productivity. She also has former experience in entomology, immature morphology and plant ecology. Outside the academia she enjoys dancing, cooking and relaxing in nature. 




Past lab members 

Kazi Hossain

I completed my BSc in Agriculture and MSc in Agroforestry from Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh. I did my PhD in Forest Biology and Management at the University of Alberta. In my PhD, I investigated mixed species regeneration and species’ growth strategy in a strip-shelterwood. Currently, I am working as a postdoctoral fellow in Dr. Pinno’s lab; my research primarily focuses on assessing the potential of intensive silviculture in mitigating mid-term timber supply shortages in Alberta. I aim to achieve this through assessing the impact of intensive silviculture on the growth and yield dynamics of pure pine and spruce plantations, and of mixedwoods, and through modeling timber supply simulation and optimization scenarios over the landscape of Alberta. Before completion of my PhD, I also worked as a resource analyst, and gained valuable experience in developing forest management plans for different companies in Alberta. In my down time, I love to spend time with my son, and socializing with friends. I am very passionate about playing badminton.



Jenn Buss

Jenn is studying seed viability in soil stockpiles on reclamation areas across Alberta. She is comparing seed bank and above ground vegetation communities across stockpiles of different ages. She is also looking at how the seed bank changes at depth, as well as differences in nutrient levels across stockpiles. In her spare time she enjoys backpacking, climbing and camping with friends. After graduation, Jenn joined the Canadian Forest Service.




Kaitlyn Trepanier 

Kaitlyn is a MSc student whose focus of study is looking at vegetation response on the “Island” reclamation technique. She is looking at the optimal size and distance of soil islands on species richness in addition to the rate of species movement along the soil boundary. Kaitlyn has a BSC in Environmental Sciences and Conservation Biology from the University of Alberta as well as a technical diploma in Renewable resources from Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. After graduating, Kaitlyn began working with the Canadian Forest Service in Edmonton.



Sanatan Das Gupta

Sanatan is a forest ecologist and soil scientist interested in understanding the ecology of forest growth and plant-soil-organismal interactions in disturbed and natural ecosystems. He received his PhD in Soil Science from the University of Alberta, his MSc in Sustainable Forest and Land Management from Georg-August University, Germany and Bangor University, UK, and his BSc in Forestry from Chittagong University, Bangladesh. He is currently working on several projects related to commercial thinning, forest growth, and land reclamation after mining disturbances. When not busy with research, Sanatan enjoys listening to music, photography, playing table tennis, traveling, and spending time with his family. After completing his post-doc, Sanatan took a position with the BC Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resources, and Rural Development in Fort St. John.


Stephanie Jean

Stephanie is studying trembling aspen (Populus tremuloides) response to above ground disturbances on reclamation areas in Northern Alberta. She is also looking at trembling aspen and black spruce (Picea mariana) regeneration after the Fort McMurray fire. Part of this research includes examination of black spruce seedling microsite preferences. Apart from research she enjoys exploring the outdoors with her dog, bird watching, wildlife photography, and travelling. After graduating, Stephanie took a position as a Plant Ecologist at Spencer Environmental Management Services Ltd.



Ryan Lalonde

Ryan is a MSc student studying tree growth in oil-sand tailings material, as well as related contaminant transport. Ryan has a BSc in Agricultural and Environmental Sciences from McGill University. He also works for the Canadian Forest Service (Natural Resources Canada), serves as VP Communications for TEDxUAlberta, and is the General Director (South Academic Building) in the Renewable Resources Graduate Students’ Association. When not spending his time in the lab or field, Ryan enjoys being outdoors, gardening, travelling and playing music. After graduating, Ryan began working as a Policy Analyst with Natural Resources Canada in Ottawa. 



Kwadwo Omari

Kwadwo holds a BSc in Natural Resources Management (Major: Silviculture and Forest Management) from K.N.U.S.T., Ghana, MSc in Forest Ecology and Management from University of Freiburg, Germany, and MSc in Agriculture and Forestry from University of Eastern Finland, Finland (both through the Erasmus Mundus European Forestry Program). He completed his PhD (Forest Ecology and Silviculture) at the University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, and afterwards worked as a Postdoctoral Research Scientist in Forest Ecology and Land Reclamation at the Canadian Forest Service, Edmonton and also with the Silviculture Lab. His research interests and expertise are silviculture, forest ecology, ecophysiology, and ecosystem ecology. When not dealing with research, Kwadwo enjoys spending time with family, blogging, playing the piano, socializing with others, and fellowshipping at church. After completing his post-doc, Kwadwo took a position as a Research Silviculturist with the BC Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resources, and Rural Development in Nanaimo.